A few years back I used to co-host a radio talk show called Just The Tip. The show was on the air once a week for about 9 months or so and focused on topics such as sexuality, gender-fluidity, intimacy, myths, and more. While a bit crass or risque, the end goal was to be educational and informational. Due to the nature of the show, the topics are definitely NSFW and listener discretion is advised.

Some of the topics discussed are a bit foggy and the titles have been made-up.

Sex Myths (9/23/12)

Living Arrangements in College & Sex (9/30/12)

Baby Making Music & LGBTQ (10/7/2012)

Fetishes (10/14/12)

Oral Sex (11/4/2012) Also, on this show we talked about an article, read it here: The VICE Guide To Eating Pussy

Dinosaurs go vegan (2/24/13)

Regenerative Foreskins & Forever Alone (3/3/2013)

Cupcake monster declares war on America (3/10/2013)

Escorts & Strippers (3/31/2013)

Ninja Turtles Lose Their Halfshell (4/4/2013)

I Slept With A Pornstar (4/7/2013)

Sex Phobias (4/11/2013)

That Time Someone Got Peed On (4/14/2013)

Sexuality & Gender (4/28/2013)

Loneliness & Intimacy (5/5/2013)

Apple Pie Is Yummy (5/12/2013)

College Confessions (5/19/2013)